Cleric of Amaunator


A cleric of Amaunator, Mithann is a retired adventurer from Cormyr who spent years fighting evil across Faerûn before settling in Icewind Dale. Her adventuring days are done, but she tries to help other good-hearted adventurers as much as she can.


After confronting Slim and finding Aarun’s corpse, the murdered Harper’s body hold a note ostensibly written by the priestess.

Mithann was worried about her Harper friend. She explained that Aarun had suspicions that some of these Ship Rethnor thugs were wererats, and in fact he sought to secure silvered weapons to combat them, and now he has vanished.

On the day ofthe yeti attack, Mithann wrote to Aarun to arrange a meeting between him and the hunter Aglonell, believing that the hunter had encountered the same thugs that Aarun had been seeking. She never heard back from Aarun until the adventurers bought news of his murder.

Mithann denied writing the note found on Aarun’s body, and seemed genuinely confused when shown the letter as it was not the same one she sent.

Mithann is pleased to make the adventurers’ acquaintance and can help them piece together the situation in Bryn Shander. She suggested that they meet with Aglonell and secure Aarun’s silvered weapons before confronting the thugs again.


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