Duvessa Shane

Speaker for Brynn Shander


Though she is a grown woman, Duvessa’s slight frame and sparkling gray eyes lend her a girlish air. She dresses much as her father did, in shirtsleeves and trousers, with a vest or coat in the latest fashion.


D)uvessa Shane is the daughter of a trader from Waterdeep who settled in Bryn Shander after falling in love with a local tavern server. Having inherited her mother’s sharp tongue and her father’s talent for negotiation, it seemed unsurprising in retrospect when Duvessa secured the position of town speaker—
the first woman in Bryn Shander to do so.

When she showed up at the next council meeting and called it to order, the other speakers bristled at her temerity, and a few warned her that, as the newest member ofthe council, she would be told when her opinion was wanted. What followed was a tongue-lashing so severe that even Crannoc of Caer-Dineval was left chagrined. Since that day, Duvessa has led the council as ably as any speaker in recent memory.

Duvessa Shane

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