In the dark of the noon day sun

The First day in a new town!
Bryn Shander unleashed.

25 Elient

Still battered and bleeding from the vicious assault of the Yetis, the clean-up of Brynn Shander began.

The unreliable extortionist

While people were dragging the yeti bodies from around the gateway a hysterical shop owner approached Avon. Riordan was bemoaning the fact that he had just paid off Slim to make sure his Apothecary was safe when in charged the Yetis destroying his shop.

Now he needs his gold back to rebuild and restock his shop. Having seen how Avon acquitted himself in the battle Riordan offers half of the 150gp he paid to Slim if Avon can get it back for him. Not being one to turn down money Avon accepted.

A job offer

While Riordan was talking to Avon, Helda Silverstream approached the rest of the group who had newly arrived. She complimented them on their skills and thanked them for defending the wagons, it turned out that one of them was hers. Helda asked what their plans were and finding that they had none, offered them a job guarding her wagons for a trip through to the Dwarven Valley near Kelvins Cairn. She said she didn’t have to leave right now but did need to leave by the last day of Elient, in five days. The offer was 20 gp each for the round trip. With nothing better to do the group accepted the offer.

Somewhere to stay

Helda offered some advice on places to stay while in Brynn Shander.

The Hooked Knucklehead – Cheapish but cold
Gendenstag’s Rest – Cheapish but the owner is a nosy busybody
The Northlook Inn – Expensive but can be rough, frequented by mercenaries and adventurers
Kelvin’s Comfort – Expensive but stocks good Dwarven ales.

The party decided on the Hooked Knucklehead to save money, figuring that cramming more of them into the same rooms might keep them warm.

Being tired after their long day of travel and battles with the Crag Cat and Yetis, the group rest up for an hour before heading out to find food just as it is getting dark outside

A cry for help

On the way past the town square they saw a large barbarian tied to a stout post, he was stripped to only his leggings and calling to any who would listen to set him free, that he was “innocent”.

Seeing the group passing by he hailed them and asked them to set him free. Hachiispoke to him and gathered his story.

“My name is Hengar Aesnvaard and I am sentenced to die for a crime I did not commit. I had only been in town for a couple of hours when I was arrested and charged with stealing from a woman I had never seen before. She claimed that I had stolen cloth from her shop, then changed her story to a “theft of personal items and valuables”, when the Sherriff seemed disinclined to impose more than a finger cutting she finally told him that I had stolen her lockbox with all of her shop takings and savings in it.

She also told the Sherriff that she was sure that I had led the Yetis to Brynn Shander for the attack. The Sherriff believed her and sentenced me to die of exposure by being staked out in the town square over night.

I swear by all my ancestors that I stole nothing, I came to Brynn Shander to get help for my tribe, they are sorely beset and if they fall then this town will be next.”

Hachii believed him and beckoned a guard over. He instructed the guard to “set him free” he is innocent.” The guard looked bemused and said that he would do nothing without the Sherriffs orders as the barbarian had already been sentenced. He said that they could talk to Sherriff Markham if they liked.

There’s a Sherriff in town.

Getting directions to the Sherriffs office, they went quickly as the night was drawing in and getting colder, Hengar didn’t have much time left if they were to save him.

Upon arrival at they met sherriff Markham Southwell. He was less than receptive to their idea of freeing Hengar and told the group that a citizen in good standing has sworn that she was robbed by him. She made positive identification and that was enough for the Sherriff. It also seemed likely that he had led the Yetis to town and in the eyes of the sherriff either of those crimes warrranted a death penalty.

Southwell ignored their pleas and said that unless they could provide proof of innocence that the barbarian would die. When asked if they could talk to whoever accused Hengar the Sherriff directed them to Brinna Alcott, a seller of wool, linens and sewing supplies.

Brinna was a stern faced woman who answered their questions but seemed to be hiding something , or lying. Avon spotted a loose board on the floor which looked like a likely place to keep a lock box, while Brnnta was being questioned Avon stamped on the end of the board flipping it in the air. inside was . . . the Lock box. Brinna looked annoyed and tried to claim she knew nothing about how it was returned. The filthy look she gave the group on discovery promised retribution at a later date.

The group took her to the Sherriff and with no missing lockbox Sherriff Markham reluctantly agreed to free Hengar.

A tribe in trouble.

The group rushed to free Hengar and, once clothed, warmed up and back on his feet they decided to let him stay in their room at the Hooked Knucklehead. As they were getting him settled he told them of the troubles which had beset his tribe. A woman they were calling the Ice Witch had been attacking tribe members under cover of the early winter storms, despite many attempts the Elk Tribe had been powerless to stop her. Each time it seemed that she might be killed she faded into the storm.

Hengar resolved to try and find someone in the Ten towns who might know something of magic or who could help them as things were getting desperate. Over the protests of the tribal shaman, but with the blessings of King Jarund, Hengar set off for Brynn Shandar, unfortunately he was arrested just after he arrived and had been unable to find help.

Hengar believe that the people who freed him must be men of honour and asked if they would travel with him to help his tribe. Seeing this as a greater cause than being caravan guards the group agreed to travel with Hengar. . . .but first they had to pay a call on Slim

You Dirty Rat!

The party managed to finally get to the Northlook around 9 pm at night meeting Riordan there. After subtly checking out the busy bar for a while they talked to Scramsax, the innkeeper, he immediately directed them upstairs saying that Slim was expecting them.

In the upstairs hallway loitered a scruffy thug, when he saw the group coming down the hallway, he knocked on the door and said “there are some more here” A voice from inside said “Tell them to go away, I’m busy”

Hachii was not to be put off and, looming over the thug, bulled his way into the room.

Inside the room were half a dozen rough looking men, with one of them standing in the middle of the room, holding a dripping dagger and standing over a body. Hachii immediately leapt into action crying “Murderer!”

The fight was short and brutal, focusing on Slim, Hachii struck two mighty blows, further attacks from Avon and Soveliss VonMoonclaw badly wounded Slim before Slims men grabbed spears and attacked. Two of them hacked down Hachii, leaving him unconscious on the floor, another two struck Avon and left him staggered but still standing. Ethan Terenaith struck down some of the thugs with a sleep spell.

In the next flurry of blows another guard went down and Slim bolted for the window , as he ran he changed becoming a rat and fleeing through the window, he was a wererat!. Two more thugs tried to follow him but only one made it as Avon cut the other one down.

Riordan was sent for the guards and while he was gone the remaining thugs were questioned and everyone searched.

A note was found on the body saying:

Problems have arisen. Please meet me at the Northlook to discuss.

Also found on the body under his lapel was small silver brooch in the shape of a harp. It seems that Aarun was a Harper

h3. Meeting a priest.

It turned out that Mithann is a priest of Aumanator who runs a small shrine in the North east of Brynn Shandar. Tired and injured as they were the group sought her out to try and determine if she was a party to getting the Harper killed. Despite being interrupted in teh middle of teh night MIthann was cordial and invited the adventurers in.

When she found that Aarun was dead she was shocked and told them of events leading up to this night.

“Aarun suspected that there was a plot afoot in town to discredit the Speaker. He also believed that Wererats were behind it. While trying to get more information he sent for a consignment of silvered weapons, just in case. That consignment arrived in the caravan which came to town today.”

Another friend of mine Algonell, a hunter, had told me that for the past few weeks, numerous times he had found his traps raided and stripped. He had suspicions about who was doing it and took them to the sheriff, but without evidence his claims were dismissed as probably being the work of a few bandits. With the available manpower Sheriff Markham simply doesn’t have the resources to scour the countryside for a few bandits who are raiding traps.

Algonell was forced to let it rest until two days ago when he was robbed by three men who took an Elk from him which he was bringing to town. It seemed to me that there may be a link between Aaruns quest and the issues Algonell has been having. I sent a note to Aarun and asked them to meet yesterday to see if their stories were perhaps linked. Aarun didn’t show up for the meeting, and now we know why.

If this is an escalation it may be in response to Aarun bringing in the Silvered weapons, is this is the case we must warn Dunevan in the morning as Aarun has them stored in Dunevan’s warehouse.

Just at that time a cry went up in the streets “Fire Fire”, knowing that in a town as closely packed as Brynn Shander fires can be catastrophic, everyone rushed outside to see if they could help. Mithann paled as she looked to where the glow of flames could be seen over the rooftops. “Dunevans” she cried.

Running to the source of the it seemed that although the warehouse was clearly lost, at least the surrounding buildings had been saved by those already present. Standing outside, clearly distraught, was a man clad in nightclothes and a nightcap who Mithann recognised as Dunevan.

Mithann took the group and introduced them. She quickly related the story as she had learned it that night as expressed her condolences to Dunevan about his warehouse and her concerns now that the weapons were lost.

“Lost, Lost!” Dunevan exclaimed, “No, they are in my other warehouse. By all the Gods, I have no guards there, we must run.”

Quickly getting to Dunevan’s second warehouse thy found no sign of trouble. Seeing that Mithann trusted the group he ofered them 50 gp to guard the ware house for the night, with another 50 gp for the next night. This would give him time to find some suitable trustworthy guards for longer term protection.

Battered, bruised, smoke covered and exhausted as they were, the group accepted and settled into the warehouse to keep watch for the night.

Information gathered

• Winter came very early and is looking to be particularly fierce.
• Wolf, bear and other wild animal attacks have been very high this year
• Questioned surviving thugs and found that they were also collecting protection money from XXX, XXX and XXX
• Found out that Duvessa Shanes position as Speaker in Brynn Shander is precarious after early winter, beast attacks and Luskan thugs extorting money from locals.
• The “Ice Witch” is threatening the Elk Tribe and they have been unable to stop her.
• Beast


• Met Helda, got job offer, accepted it then turned it down.
• Met Riordan, took job of getting “protection” money beck from Slim.
• Confronted Slim, defeated thugs and drove Slim off
• Found body of slain Harper Aarun and met Mithann, priestess of Aumanator
• Offered job guarding warehouse for Dunavan after his other one burned down
• Obtained silvered weapons
• Met Hengar, rescued him and agreed to go with him to help his tribe


• One more night of warehouse guard duty for Dunavan while he hires more night guards
• Sell Armour and spears taken from Slims Thugs
• Tan and sell Crag Cat skin
• Skin and sell Yeti Hides
• Go with Hengar to help the Elk Tribe.


From Reward/loot
Aldo Fetcher the merchant for saving his goods 200 gp
Aarun’s body 2 50 gp Gems
Guarding Dunavan’s Warehouse 50 gp
Aaruns Legacy Silvered Weapons
Avon – Caravan Guard duty 60 gp
Caravan Crag Cat hide
Gate Battle Ancient Yeti Claws
Gate Battle Ancient Yeti Pelt
Gate Battle 6 x Young Yeti Pelts
Slims Thugs 6 x daggers
Slims Thugs 6 x Spears
Slims Thugs 6 x Poor Leather armour


Crag Cat (last session) 120 xp
Yeti Battle (last session) 290 xp
Saving Aldo and his Wagon (last session) 220 xp
OOps I gave out too much XP last session (last session) 270 xp
Slims Room 250 xp
investigation 100 xp
Rescuing Hengar 120 xp

So far that is 284 xp each.

Still to do:

• Get Riordans money back from Slim
• Sell Hides, armour and Weapons\

The road to Bryn Shander

The party members have separately attached themselves to the caravan to Bryn Shander, and the story opens on the last leg from Luskan to Bryn Shander itself.

After a month with only the weather to contend with, once in the Dale itself a Crag Cat ambushed one of the guards and tried to drag his body off. The cat was killed but the guard was not able to be saved. The caravan that the guard was on tipped when the oxen panicked, and the party stayed behind with it to right it and get it moving again while the rest of the caravan continued on.

Managing this, the lone caravan arrived at Bryn Shander just in time to intervene in a yeti attack on the town. The party were pretty key in dispatching the yetis, although more than one party member was injured during the fighting.

Character Creation

Character Creation Session:

Player Race Class Background
Luke Human Fighter (Samurai) Soldier
Steve Wild Elf Druid Outlander
Campbell 1/2 Elf Warlock Urchin
Dave Human Fighter (mercenary) Soldier
Reimo Hill Dwarf Cleric (War) Acolyte

Overview of session (DM narrative)

Nice to see some most excellent characters being rolled up.


Some base rule set out at session:

  1. No Technology at Table – Let’s go pen and paper again!
  2. Optional rules for cleaving foes will be in effect
  3. Campaign won’t be at sea!
  4. We’ll change game venues as needed (happy to do ad hoc or we can schedule locations)

Next Session:

  1. Wednesday 22nd April
  2. Dave’s Place
  3. Kick-off session

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