Markham Southwell

Sherriff of Brynn Shander


Sheriff Markham is a middle-aged man with close-cut mahogany hair, a mustache, and a goatee. Always on duty, he dresses in stipple leather armor and carries a longsword and dagger at his hip, donning a chain shirt only when he expects to be walking into a fight.


Sheriff Markham is also empowered to hire adventurers for missions undertaken in the town’s defense (loosely defined as anything that keeps trade coming through Bryn Shander’s gates). Such expeditions are meant to be under written by the town’s exchequer and therefore require the approval of the speaker.

Markham takes his duties seriously, and will not stand for anything he feels would endanger the town or the lives of those under his command. Due to the fact that he commonly has cause to employ sell swords (and that many people in Ten-Towns could be labelled as miscreants of one kind or another), Markham is more tolerant of adventurers and the trouble they sometimes get into than the sheriffs in most other towns would be.

However, when troublemakers cross the line, Markham is swift and uncompromising in dispensing Justice.

26 Elient – Sheriff Markham has indicated that he would consider the group for additional work if they were interested.

Markham Southwell

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