Beorne Steelstrike

Dwarven Caravan Master


Beorne Steelstrike is lean for a dwarf—the result of a lifetime spent mostly on the road. Streaks of gray in his beard belie his age, yet the dwarf has a nearly boundless vitality. He wears his hair long and loose except for his beard, which is pulled neatly into twin braids. While traveling, Beorne wears a broad-brimmed hat that shades his deeply tanned face. He wears simple,
sensible traveling gear, including a brown bear-skin cloak for the cold. The only exception to this style of dress is when he travels in a larger city, where he’ll ornament himself with a bit of local flair—a colorful pocket square when traveling in Waterdeep, a checkered kerchief in Luskan, or a scrimshaw clasp in Icewind Dale.


A veteran caravanner and a shrewd trader, Beorne Steelstrike knows the highways and byways of the Sword Coast as well as anyone alive. Born to pious and humble parents who worked as simple laborers in the citadel of Candlekeep, the young dwarf was fascinated by stories ofthe world outside those cloistered walls, and as soon as he was old enough
to barter his services Beorne left on a caravan to Waterdeep, never to return home.

That was over a century ago, and in the years since then Beorne has spent time in nearly every major settlement north of Amn. In his youth, Beorne made and lost fortunes mounting hazardous expeditions and brokering clandestine deals with some of the most famous and infamous characters along the Sword Coast. Age has diminished Beorne’s appetite for risk, if not his wanderlust, and so nowadays he makes a comfortable living plying well-worn trade routes and renting himself out as a guide for third-party expeditions. In his travels, Beorne picked up a wide array of skills and knowledge. Though not a trained warrior, he knows how to handle an axe well enough to make orcs and bandits think twice about pressing their luck. He also speaks half a dozen languages, and understands twice as many—mostly, to avoid being cheated by unscrupulous trade partners. The dwarf is a veritable almanac of local lore, although his knowledge of certain places and events isn’t always as current as he makes it out to be.

Beorne Steelstrike

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