Aldo Fetcher

Merchant from Fireshear


Aldo Fetcher is a balding, middle-aged man who walks with a slight stoop. His dress is poor, and he is obviously unused to the rigors of the road. Accustomed to having both customers and city officials try to take advantage of him, Aldo adopts a defensive attitude whenever he is confronted by strangers. Accustomed to a hard life, Aldo doesn’t expect help when he meets with misfortune, and so doesn’t even think to ask for it.


A simple merchant hailing from Fireshear, Aldo Fetcher has spent most of his life selling sundries to the stream of new residents who come to work in the mines. Although he never lacked for business, the profits on Aldo’s wares were thin. With the rent on his shop and the license Aldo paid to operate it, he was lucky most years to set anything aside. Recently, it dawned on Aldo that he has spent the best years of his life toiling in Fireshear as miserably as any miner and with almost nothing to show for it, and so he resolved to change his fortunes.

Scraping together every bit of his savings and calling in a few debts, Aldo began discretely purchasing small quantities of fine trade goods that were parts of larger shipments bound for ports of call in the cities of the south. Having assembled a miscellany of valuable goods, Aldo sold his shop to an enterprising new arrival and used the proceeds to purchase a wagon and some carthorses, and signed on with the last caravan of the season making its way north to Icewind Dale.

Disaster almost befell Aldo when a Crag Cat killed Tom, the caravan guard who was riding with him. It spooked the horses who, in their panic, toppled the wagon in the snow and broke a wheel.
With his worldly possessions strewn on the tundra, weather and night time closing and potentially more dangerous beasts around, the caravan master, Beorn, told Aldo to leave it all. The caravan couldn’t wait or they might lose more wagons
Aldo had his entire life tied up in the gods on the wagon, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to start again and faced either a potential death in the cold wilderness, or a life as a penniless beggar in the inhospitable north. He told Beorn to go, but he would have to stay and try to fix the wagon, knowing that he couldn’t do it on his own.
Aldo appealed to some of his fellow travellers and they agreed to stay behind and try and salvage his goods. As the rest of the caravan set off they set to work and after a few hours hard work the six of them managed to right the wagon, fix the wheel and restore all of the spilled cargo.

On arrival in Brynn Shander another battle was in progress and as his companions battled the Yetis Aldo drove this wagon with all the speed he could make through the town gates.
From Aldo’s first sales in Brynn Shander he paid his companions 200 gp

Aldo Fetcher

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