In the dark of the noon day sun

The road to Bryn Shander

The party members have separately attached themselves to the caravan to Bryn Shander, and the story opens on the last leg from Luskan to Bryn Shander itself.

After a month with only the weather to contend with, once in the Dale itself a Crag Cat ambushed one of the guards and tried to drag his body off. The cat was killed but the guard was not able to be saved. The caravan that the guard was on tipped when the oxen panicked, and the party stayed behind with it to right it and get it moving again while the rest of the caravan continued on.

Managing this, the lone caravan arrived at Bryn Shander just in time to intervene in a yeti attack on the town. The party were pretty key in dispatching the yetis, although more than one party member was injured during the fighting.


Deeconz Sas

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